Rouge’s Songlist

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Rouge’s songlist is always evolving.  If you have a favorite song you’d like us to add, let us know.

Lately we’ve added some more modern songs like Zaz’s  ‘Je Veux’ and three songs from “Paris 36”, a modern movie about a music hall in 1936.  We debuted our accordionist Steve Rice’s “Playing With Spice” at our Bremerton concert in September.



•February 1, 2011 • 1 Comment

Steve and I did a little show for  wine event.  I was struck by the man who had the joie de vivre to jump up and dance with me!
The etymology of that word “gam” has to be related to “jambe” (leg) and I know they say “gambader” for leaping around or capering!  So maybe “being game” means you are willing to caper about!  I have to say, I miss that word, “caper,” from our speech.  Maybe it’s simply because so few people do.
To more capering!

Is Performing Showing Off?

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It’s amazing how many people tell me they like to “show-off, too.”  Hum.  I love to create works of art.  Choreographing something on others is fascinating.  Exploring and setting a song on a vocal student is deeply satisfying.  Designing a costume so that it will effect how people see a show, very engaging.

I do enjoy performing myself, when I feel a relationship established with the audience or with the musicians. But if people go away saying only how talented I am. . . disappointing.  If they felt like kissing their partner, dancing, crying, giggling, then I am happy.

I will probably alway do my “dance-walks” playing with movement along unpopulated streets.  I will probably always love singing into different parts of my body on my back at home.

Perhaps I should want to show-off.  Maybe I would be better.  But always seeking approval is not something that allows real beauty and joy to grow.  So for now, I will just go for striking some funny-bones, stirring up some joy, awaking up the “alive” in people!


Boogie with Renoir

•February 27, 2010 • 1 Comment

So, I am flat on my back, in the fog of a cold, looking up at my poster of Renoir’s Dance at Bougival of a couple waltzing. And I am thinking, ‘bouger’ means ‘to move’ so maybe ‘boogie’ comes from that. So in her long, delicate dress, Renoir’s laundress/model is boogie-ing. The couple in the painting is outdoors boogie-ing, his arm around her waist, her arm around his neck. I want to boogie. I fall asleep again, dreaming of being at Bougival boogie-ing.

Last Saturday’s Vintage Jazz Festival was fun despite having a cold and wondering between phrases whether my vocal cords would sound.  So how was it fun? The Canote Brothers are so warm and charmingly funny, and know how to MC.  They gave me a big hug as soon as I came in, which is just what I needed.  Pearl Django had some great arrangements and some cute dancers in vintage dress bopping to their music. I once again forgot to turn on my headphone mic for the “Sympatique” umbrella piece, so Ruthie looked like she was trying to turn me on.  Some folks thought it was part of the piece since you can’t see what is behind the big umbrella.  Somehow silliness prevailed, lots of laughter made, and whimsy ruled the day!  I’d tell more, but I’d ruin the piece!

Last night silly fun!

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Last night, Dave Bartley and I, Janet, were playing at Maximilien in Pike Place Market.  Jean-Christophe, one of the waiters, started singing “Sympatique” as I started into the chorus. He has a GOOD voice and just beamed as I put him in the mic!  People clapped.  It is almost like being in a living room at a party with friends.  I love the staff and am finally relaxed with them in a new way.  Even Mike played with me–he is the most serious.  He was wheeling around me like a kid playing airplanes.   It’s this silly-joy going around.